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Assistant Instructor Membership

 Welcome to the World Thai Boxing Association – Assistant Instructor Membership

If you have the desire to become a certified Muay Thai instructor, then this membership is for you.

Our Assistant Instructor Membership is designed to provide a step by step pathway for instructor certification under the guidance of an Affiliate School or Affiliate Instructor Member. As an Assistant Instructor, you will receive all the benefits of our instructor development program.

  • FREE Attendance to 1 Instructor Development Camp every year. These camps will not only cover how to teach the curriculum, but also give you valuable drills and teaching tips.
  • Full access to the exclusive WTBA curriculum system and instructional videos through your Affiliate Sponsor.
  • Permission to teach the WTBA curriculum under the guidance of your Affiliate Sponsor.
  • FREE On-Line Academy Membership with 24-Hour access to the online video archive.
In order to be eligible to apply for an Assistant Instructor Membership you must currently be a student/instructor working through an Affiliate School owner or head instructor. If you are a school owner, the appropriate option for you is the Affiliate School Membership.

I understand that I must be under an Affiliate to be able to apply for an Assistant Instructor Membership.

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