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We highly recommend that you seek out a qualified instructor but if one is not available to you, our Online Academy is a great place to start.
You have several options for joining our community. To join please follow the instructions below and get started now!

#1 Become an Online Academy Member.  This is great for anyone new to Muay Thai and the basic membership is absolutely Free. Click on Memberships and select Free Membership Registration. Enter your info and that’s it.

#2 If you are an aspiring instructor who wants to become certified under the WTBA and are working directly under one of our WTBA Affiliate Schools, the Apprentice Instructor Program is for you. Simply click on Membership and select Apprentice Instructor. Fill in the info and get started! You will need to ask the Affiliate Academy for their member number to join.

#3 If you are planning to open or are currently running a martial arts school, our Affiliate Membership Program will provide you with what you need to create an authentic Muay Thai program or take your existing program to the next level. Simply click on Memberships and select Affiliate Membership. Fill out the information and we will begin the Application process. Our Association Director will contact you in a 24-48 hours to walk you through the rest of the process.

Yes.  The WTBA affiliate program will give you everything you need to launch a genuine Muay Thai Program within your school.  You get hands–on training at our Instructor Development camps which will provide you with the needed skills and information to work towards WTBA Instructor Certification.
Absolutely! The purpose of the WTBA is to advance, promote, educate and instruct the martial arts of Thailand on a global level. We welcome you to be a part of our community and hope you will share this vision. Your experience and dedication will be recognized and respected here.
Welcome to the new WTBA and congratulations on your accomplishment. If you are a current instructor, your certification is valid and will be recognized and accredited through the WTBA for one year from the date you become an Affiliate Member. To maintain certification, simply attend any of the several Instructor Training Camps (FREE to Affiliate Members) each year. Please make sure to ask about our inaugural WTBA loyalty discount for previous members. Your continued loyalty will be recognized and rewarded with a huge discount, so don’t forget.
You will always own your accomplishment of earning instructor status. However, in order to promote your school as WTBA Certified and utilize WTBA curriculum, you must remain up to date with the current Association techniques and teaching methods. Join as an Affiliate and you will not only be recognized on our website as such but also enjoy all of the benefits of Membership which includes our free Instructor Development Camps, use of the WTBA Logo, access to the exclusive WTBA Curriculum and recognition on the WTBA website as an Official Affiliate Instructor.
You, as an affiliate member, are authorized to promote your students in WTBA recognized ranking up to black armband.  It is not required that they be members.  However, those with online academy membership have access to additional support, providing them with an advantage when working to attain a higher rank. The basic Online Academy Membership is Free so have all your students join!
Absolutely! Students that reach the appropriate level can become an Apprentice Instructor under your Affiliate School. Then at the Instructor training camps, they will be trained and tested on the WTBA curriculum and their ability to teach it.  They can continue to test until they reach Full Instructor status and become Affiliate Member themselves.
Yes. Each Affiliate receives an exclusive zone with a radius of 10 miles from their school’s location.
First, you must speak to the person who has the territory.  We will allow you to share the territory if he or she agrees. We hope WTBA Affiliates will work together but an Affiliate has the right to deny a request to share territory.  We will strictly enforce this territory in the interest of protecting our Affiliates.
We take this breach very seriously and would appreciate being given any information about anyone falsely advertising a WTBA Affiliation. We will take any necessary action to protect the integrity of true WTBA Affiliated schools and the organization itself.

We offer a financial assistance program to those in this situation.   Contact the association to apply for financial assistance.  The program operates based on the expectation that the recipient will contribute to the association in some way (to be determined upon approval).