Apprentice Instructor Membership

 Welcome to the World Thai Boxing Association – Apprentice Instructor Membership

If you have the desire to become a certified Muay Thai instructor, then this membership is for you.

Our Apprentice Instructor Membership is designed to provide a step by step pathway for instructor certification under the guidance of an Affiliate Member. As an Apprentice Instructor you will receive all the benefits of our instructor development program.

  • FREE Attendance to 1 Instructor Development Camp every year. These camps will not only cover how to teach the curriculum, but also give you valuable drills and teaching tips.
  • Full access to the exclusive WTBA curriculum system and instructional videos through your Affiliate Sponsor.
  • Recognition as an Apprentice Instructor on the WTBA website.
  • Permission to teach the WTBA curriculum under the guidance of your Affiliate Sponsor.
  • FREE On-Line Academy Membership with 24-Hour access to the online video archive.
  • Access to exclusive blogs and news articles for Affiliates & Apprentice Instructors.
In order to be eligible to apply for an Apprentice Instructor Membership you must currently be a student/instructor working through an Affiliate School owner or head instructor. If you are a school owner, the appropriate option for you is the Affiliate Membership.

I understand that I must be under an Affiliate to be able to apply for an Apprentice Instructor Membership.

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