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About the WTBA

The World Thai Boxing Association was founded in 1968 by Surachai (Chai) Sirisute and was known as the Thai Boxing Association of the USA until recently. The name change came from the fact that Ajarn Chai’s passion for spreading the martial art of Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) through the United States turned into a vision to spread Muay Thai throughout the World. Teaching in the United States was only a small portion of what the WTBA was actually about. The Thai Boxing Association was now active in so many countries globally that the name no longer reflected the true nature of the vision since it’s inception. Hence the name “World Thai Boxing Association”. The vision as we move forward is as follows:


The mission has expanded since it’s inception in 1968. Originally one man’s quest to spread Thai Boxing to the United States, it is now this same man’s vision to help others who have a passion for Muay Thai to continue his legacy of spreading the martial arts of Thailand across the planet.

Through more than 45 years of traveling and teaching Ajarn Chai developed a tight knit community.  This amazing community is now open to everyone with a passion for Muay Thai and we invite you to join our family. We are a close family that helps one another and through the broad and deep roots established by Ajarn Chai we want to share the resources that we have gained over half a century of spreading Muay Thai. We would like to welcome you to become part of the WTBA community!

If you have a passion for Muay Thai and want to learn, grow and contribute back to this amazing martial art then this is the perfect place for you! Welcome to the WTBA!”