A Message from the President – September 1, 2017

My students,

This week, we released the armband rank for the WTBA. I made it so there are fewer colors. It will better help the schools keep armbands on hand. But to use the armband is up to the teacher. Suppose the student earns the rank, I think they should put it on. Suppose they don’t feel to put it on, they don’t have to. It’s up to the school.

Sometimes there are questions about the armband in Thailand. In Thailand, they wear the armband only for the fighting. Pretty much they don’t wear them in the camps. In the WTBA, I want the armband so the teacher knows the student rank. Suppose you wear them to the seminar or the camp, then everybody knows the student rank and can teach them better more. It is the same for everyone that way. When the student fights, let them put it on. In the WTBA, wear it as much as you can. Suppose the student can wear the armband, it would be nice.

In a few days, I am releasing the new Phase I and Phase II of the curriculum. I know you guys have been waiting pretty much for the curriculum. It will be ready on the website by next week. More will come pretty soon.

Thank you all again for your support. Family is the important part. Don’t forget that one. Together, we make the WTBA. Thank you very much. If you have any questions about anything, please do email at WTBAoffice@gmail.com. My team and I will help you right away.

Best to you,


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