A Message from the President

To all my students,

I hope all is well with you and your families. Since the most recent letter, I want to thank everyone for their support of me and for their feedback and suggestions to help improve the WTBA. I believe everyone knows my true intentions and commitment to my mission.

At this time, I would like to communicate some of the changes regarding the World Thai Boxing Association. Below are some topics that brought up some concerns, questions, as well as some of the modifications that have been made.


With forming the World Thai Boxing Association, my goal has been to unify it as a worldwide organization. The WTBA is going to be the headquarters.  Under that will be each country, city, and branch. Each country will have its flag alongside the flag of Thailand. Each branch will be listed below the logo. Please reference this WTBA Logo Branch Guide.


I will continue to test students for their Beginning Test at Seminars that I visit and at the Oregon Camp. I ask everyone to follow the same protocol as before. The active sponsoring WTBA instructor should contact the office at WTBAoffice@gmail.com to begin the application process. I have appointed a select few Senior Instructors that may conduct testing which I will be announcing shortly. No other Ajarn or Kru may conduct the Beginning Test under the TBA/ WTBA. Rank of Associate, Full and Senior will only be done at the Oregon Camp and when I see fit.


I am currently in the process of organizing and updating the ranking system and curriculum. I am looking forward to it’s release and I appreciate your patience.


New tiers of membership will be available in the next couple of days to meet the needs for each member whether a student, instructor, small or large school.  Each level of membership will offer benefits specific to their tier.  In the future, the website will be hosting an Official Instructor List for all Current Instructors and Affiliate Schools.


Titles and rank help establish hierarchy and appoint different responsibilities within the organization. It also gives practitioners and instructors tangible goals to strive for. Moving forward, Apprentice Instructors will be addressed as Phu Choy Khru (which translates as Assistant Instructor). Associate & Full Instructors, Khru. And Senior Instructors, Ajarn. When I award someone with the title of “Ajarn” (Senior Instructor) I recognize their contribution, loyalty and as someone who will lead in continuing the mission of the WTBA. From my intentions, please respect the titles and rank that I award within the WTBA.

Again, thank you for your patience and support. I look forward to seeing you all soon!



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