Muay Thai Shin Guards: What Should I Buy? (Part I)

A topic that comes up often for those not only starting out in Muay Thai, but also those that have been training for a while is, “What kind of Muay Thai shin guards to buy?” The thing about Muay Thai and even kickboxing, is that we need shin guards. Whether you’re a coach who wears them to protect your shins from students working defense on pads or a new student trying to keep from destroying your partners in drilling, shin guards are essential for training Muay Thai. Below are some of the best shin guard options straight from Thailand.

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Kristin Shepard, right, 27, of Riverside, spars with Teddy Martinez, left, 23.

Buying Muay Thai Shin Guards From Your Gym
If your gym offers Muay Thai shin guards, support your gym by purchasing from your coach. However, if they don’t or you would like to buy another pair in addition (I have coach friends that collect them like some folk would comic books), then maybe this blog can help.

Muay Thai Shing Guards From Top King
Top King is almost synonymous with Muay Thai in the United States. Made in Thailand and originally part of another company, Top King struck out on their own due to creative differences.  They have since gained popularity amongst students and fighters alike. Top King has some of the most distinctive graphics out there. Shin guard design and construction are constantly evolving to meet the demands of  global consumers.  Top King is among the higher priced shin guards, but their quality is excellent and comparable to the other top tier companies.

This brand is my personal favorite. The shin protection is enough to keep damage to both yourself and you partner to a minimum, while not being so cushioned that you can’t feel when you’ve made a mistake and hit an elbow or other bony protrusion. The standouts on these guards are the velcro fasteners on the calf and ankle that don’t have any metal, the extra straps securing the foot and ankle to keep them from shifting, and the thick padding that covers most of your top foot.

In the last few years they have adapted sizing to Western standards, so size appropriately. This is a brand that veterans of striking arts embrace and one a new student can easily use for most of the time they train.

Muay Thai Shin Guards from Fairtex
Fairtex is another brand synonymous with Muay Thai. Fairtex is known worldwide as not only a great brand for gear but also as a gym that has produced some of the world’s best Muay Thai champions. Not as diverse in options as far as graphics go, they do have a couple different options in style. If you prefer longer fuller coverage, their newer styles fit well for strikers starting out as well as veterans (see here).

Fairtex’s older shin guard styles tend to be favored more by people who have trained longer, as they don’t have as much coverage of the legs and feet.  This can be preferable for fighters that need to find that balance between protection and getting used to fighting without protection (see here).

Muay Thai Shin Guard from Twins Special
Twins Special is another great brand from Thailand with over 10 years of experience making equipment. You will see Twins in a lot of gyms that teach Muay Thai. Twins offers a variety of shin guard graphics. They haven’t changed the design much though, believing rightfully that what they have is good enough. Their shin guards tend to be heavily padded and protective, making them perfect for beginners and fighters looking to stay damage free when sparring and drilling (see here).

Twins recently added a more streamlined version that easily rivals those of Top King and Fairtex. With these similar features, some Muay Thai veterans that enjoy this style as much as  Top Kings and/or Fairtex brands (see here).

Want to know more about Muay Thai or becoming a member of the World Thai Boxing Association (WTBA)? Visit the helpful links below:

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